Aya’s Tarot Readings

Aya of The Dawn provides Tarot Readings to bring into your awareness what your guides and guardian angels feel you need to know the most about yourself, your path, your career, your love life, spirituality, and your purpose. The answers you receive will be clear, truthful, and healing.  The Universe is on your side! And your guides are here to make sure everything turns out for your joy and betterment. Being aware of how the universe is working for you will help you get out of your own way, Let Go and Let The Goddess! Here a list of different options for you to choose from. For all inquires fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page to ask me your questions for your readings.  For any special request for you personally or to arrange a Tarot Party with me fill out the contact form.

My prices are based off of my skill set, which includes psychic and medium ability, with an understanding of human psychology. I am a body/energy healer and reflexologist.  That does not include energy healing, astrology charts, or reflexology. But at my discretion I will add on some other modalities to enhance your experience dependent upon how the reading is lead. I put money into learning my craft, buying many books, tarot and oracle decks, and spend many hours in the spiritual/energy healing realm. Readings are done over the phone, facebook messenger, written or in person.

Thirty Minute General Reading

Greetings! You are welcome to a 30 minute reading where you can receive insight and wisdom from the Tarot about love, career, spirituality, and everything in between. This reading is great for remote clients who would like a phone consultation, instagram, thumbtack and all other online social media outlets. There is no limit of cards pulled in a reading. Please be sure to clear out your space, your head, and have your questions ready. The more clear you are about what you would like to know the better the reading for you. Blessings!





General Reading Spread

This price is for 60 minutes if we go over This spread will help you get some clarity on the general theme in your life right now, where, where you have been in the recent past, what your attitudes are, what is going great, what could be better, and what the outcome will be if you keep going in this direction. I will also pull a card from the Ask Your Guides Deck.






Life Path/Career Tarot Spread

This price is for a 60 minute reading. The Life Path Career Tarot Spread can answer questions concerning your purpose in life and how to work that into a career. Your guides will answer your questions about your current job(s) and how to become more satisfied and have more balance in your life. Should I work here or there, am I going to get the job, what do I have to do get a job, am I going to be fired, and ect . . . You can also ask, “What is my purpose?” You will receive a reading from the traditional tarot deck as well oracle cards from the Life Purpose deck.





Love/Relationship Spread

Most relationship readings are 1 hour and 30 minutes. If the reading is under this we will make amendments to the price. The Relationship Spread is for any kind of relationship in your life and along with a love/relationship reading you will receive an extra oracle spread reading from the Angel and Romance Deck. This is for you if you have a desire for love in your life, if you would like an assessment on what you and your partner need to do get along, if you would like to know how a potential partner feels about you, and, but not limited to ,if you would like to know about your future love. This could be written out in an email, messenger, or online face time.





Medium | Communication With Loved Ones That Have Crossed Over

Although our vessels have the ability to deteriorate our souls continue to soar free. Your relationships with your loved ones stay intact and you have the capability to stay in communication because all of us have the ability extra sensory abilities to contact the unseen realms. If you need to speak with your loved ones that have crossed over I can assist you with resolving issues, answsering questions, and achieving a safe sense of closure to help heal your grieving and trauma.