Aura of Joy – Protection Box

The Aura of Joy Protection Box will be shipped once a month every full moon. So if you order after the full moon you will have to wait until next month. This box includes a protection oil, a protection soap, a protection necklace, sometimes a candle and a protection prayer. This is for the protection of your aura, from psychic attacks, protection of your prosperity, protection of court cases, protection of your love life, protection of your mental health, from dark spirits and negative energy. Clearing blocked creativity and making way for manifestation. Leaving only joy in your aura and goodness. This oil can be rubbed on your skin or rubbed on your money or anything around you that you feel like needs protection or ad been attacked from dark spirits. The soap can be used everyday and the amulet can be worn at all times. Limited supplies. Order Now.







Aya’s Spiritual Bath Tea

Message me if you need customization of your Spiritual Bath Teas. A spiritual bath is the equivalent of when you spring clean and feng shui your home, energy is clear. You can now make room for the new. The body/spirit connection needs cleansing of its old energies from time to time. You can use the spiritual Aya’s Spiritual Bath Tea in your bathtub or soak your feet in a basin. Then you can chant, meditate, or do your ritual. You can also use these to enjoy and relax. The base of my Bath Tea is Rose Petals, Lavender, & Epsom Salts/Himalayan Salt. Depending on intuition and spiritual downloads I will add other herbs, spices, and flowers. Customization is available.