Aya’s Spiritual Bath Tea

A spiritual bath is like when you dust your home and do a spring cleaning and the energy is clear. You can now make room for the new. The body/spirit conbection needs cleansing of its old energies from time to time. You can use the spiritual Aya’s Spiritual Bath Tea in your bathtub or soak your feet in a basin. Then you can chant, meditate, or do your ritual. You can also use these to enjoy and relax. Yarrow (love & healing,from the Venus tree), St John’s Wort(protection from depression), rose petals (beauty and transformation), and Epsom salt makeup this month’s bath teas. The intent of these bath teas is to resurrect your feminine power. Which will be good for Venus in retrograde time period. These teas are limited in quanity and available for a limited time. If you are pregnant I will replace the St Johns Wort with Jasmine. Quantity (8) Shipping & Handling Included