Daily Horoscope

January 17, 2018

Moon: New Moon / Waxing Capricorn | Plant yourself firmly into the ground, being mindful, almost in a resting/relaxed state write out your plans.

Body Parts | The Knees, skeleton, and ephemeris (skin) | Hold off on knee surgeries on Capricorn moon days and sun seasons. Anything you do to with gentleness to affirm your bones (stretching, yoga, pilates), or for the health of your skin will have long term positive effects that will last for weeks.

Angel 60 | Mitzrael

  • Reparation
  • Understanding of obedience and authority
  • Rectification
  • Facilitates the practice of psychology
  • Healing of mental illnesses
  • Reparation through awarness
  • Intellectual work and harmonization
  • Simplicity

Tarot Card of the Day: The Hermit Reversed – You have spent enough time studying and being alone. Come out of your cocoon and share your extensive knowledge with like minded individuals.

Numerology | 8 Day | The effects of what you do can have a long terms effects. If you have a soul longing to accomplish something both personal and universally important take steps today. You will establish a good foundation.

Rune |2000px-Runic_letter_othalan.svg| Othala | Ancestral Inheritance | Your true and most powerful gifts come from a long line of rich ancestry. Tap into that energy today because you are a part of the forward movement and liberation toward bliss. You may receive a gift or inheritance today that is pay back from all the good deeds and gifts that your ancestors have given.

Cancer & Capricorn Axis |Cultivating an Intimacy With The Earthy Soulful You

These planetary transits have helped me empathize with Capricornus people. I have been thinking about my Narci-mother a lot. She is a Capricorn Sun conj. South Node. I have been seeing that Capricorn is about forward movement, block out all emotions and get to work. Lets get to the end result. Her motto was always suck it up and move on. There is no room for emotional evaluation. Needs are secondary to the goal and task at hand to get to the goal. That is why during these transits a lot of us are being called to put our past emotional issues to the side and get to work, or allow the universe to work things out for you when it comes to your issues. It’s a feeling that you will miss out on something if you don’t move forward. But you cannot do your best work if you do not feel good.


Exhaustion! How can one work so long without the heavenly rewards of emotional fulfillment. Not I said the water sign, quack quack!  The Capricorn stellium (Pluto, Sun, Venus, Saturn, & Mercury) transit with the  New Moon in Capricorn on the 16th is pushing forward like a locomotive even if your energy is dried to the bone and that also being your emotional well.  In my spiritual counselling sessions since the beginning of the year I have been hearing all of your cries about this issue. We are all experiencing a huge growth spurt. The growth spurt is bidding farewell the ego and relying upon spirit in greater and greater amounts. Getting comfortable with The Goddess sittinng in the seat of her thrown in our personal and collective consciousness. The Ego is super uncomfortable with this notion. The back lash from the ego is real. And this where the lessons begin. Mother Nature is like . . . Class is in session.  On top of that you have Mars conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio sextiling Capricorn and that makes you feel like if you can’t keep up something is wrong with you. Mars and Saturn are both very egoic planets at home in their respective signs.  Jupiter is asking you to expand upon the truest parts of your will. You are being pushed to do what you truly want to do and show the world your shining glory.

Cancer and Capricorn |#IntimacyWork

Cancer and Capricorn work super well together if Capricorn isn’t a dominating bully and Cancer takes responsibility for their emotional well-being. Both Cancer and Capricorn are aware that life takes work. Capricorn is all about the type of work that reaps rewards of the physical harvest. Cancer understands the hard work of cultivating an intimate caring relationship within the self and outward with others. When these two signs are healthy there are no two better types of people to have in your corner. With these planetary transits you are being asked to transform and deepen your intimate sensuous relationship within, so that, it radiates outward as a soulful expression of who you really are and what you represent.  The personal becomes the impersonal. It’s the 4th house/10 house axis of the nurturing of the seat of your soul, your home, which can represent your body, and the business of presenting yourself to the world from within your own soulful psychic infrastructure.  Nurturing and honing in on your desires to be nurtured and nourished. Creating an intimate world where your desires are manifested through the way you move your hands to touch the world around you. Feeling how gentle/harsh is your touch. Allowing your awareness to be placed on the subtle, the present experience becomes your nourishing point. Your space of quiet sensuous attention becomes an erotic zone of pleasure, a threshold of delight, that you share with those you trust. Its the magic of eating a muffin baked by someone who puts love in every inch of their cooking love ritual. The joy is in that muffin. Even if that muffin is full of sugar it is better for you to eat than the muffin that is fat-free and cooked in a staunch environment.  This is all about loving yourself and letting your self be with yourself. Being comfortable in your skin when you are alone. Letting that inner child enjoy a bag of hot fries and dancing to your favorite twerk music naked and cleaning up the house. Whatever floats your cosmic bodies boat. The end result is that you will feel self-fulfilled enough to also tell yourself yes, I can nurture myself all the way through the process of working towards my big goals in life. No need to be team #burntout. Go back and forth between Capricorn and Cancer.

A lot of us are starting from scratch. We don’t know this kind of love. It is unfamiliar. So the lessons seem harsh and the ending seems far. While others of us are deepening this amazing everlasting bond between body and soul. So I am going to give you a list of fun dates to have with yourself. The lesson I have l learned in self-love is that if you are consistent your self-love will win.

  • Whenever you feel overwhelmed, wrap yourself in a big blanket, get your favorite foods, get your teddy bear, watch some Netflix and chill
  • Relax,warm bath with candles, some music, and essential oils, bubble bath, bath bombs, I often leave the showering running as well, while I’m soaking in the tub, it creates the best feeling
  • Have an actual date night with yourself, flowers, wine, use wine glasses, candle light, cook yourself what you really want to taste
  • Private time. Don’t do anything work related, don’t post anything, don’t do any marketing, just stop, spend time with yourself without sharing on social media, if you have a great idea keep private, don’t post it on social media.
  • Dance. Twerk. Belly Dance. It doesn’t matter if you are trained. The body just like to be free from thought. If you feel silly or stupid or insane you are doing it right, especially if you start laughing
  • Be naked, and forget you are naked and go outside and get the mail, (that’s a personal fear of mine)
  • Sexually fantasize about whatever and who ever you want
  • Make a first step to do something you have been thinking about for a long time
  • Make a calendar of  your plans for a week – month
  • Whatever you are doing right now, let that be enough
  • Go to the metaphysical store look around and touch stuff and see what calls out to you, either get it, or make note of it
  • Sing at the top your lungs
  • Call a friend and talk about bullshit
  • See yourself as sacred and don’t take yourself too seriously at the same time. Because you are both earthly and heavenly
  • Use your meditation time to dance
  • Feel into your kundalina
  • massage yourself with beautiful enriching oil
  • Give yourself hand reflexology
  • Keep track of the Moon Transits
  • Draw, sit under a tree and draw what you see, draw a still life in your home
  • Paint
  • Get a Tarot Reading!

I love you guys! Peace.

Super Full Moon Cancer |Sweet and Soft Deep Care| Romance in the Air | Self Love | Deep Healing | Erotic Love |January 2 & 3

I’ve been feeling so deeply into my wounds for the past few days. The issues that have come up is the healing of my right to take care of myself inside and out to completion.  Like many people who have been healing from parental narcissistic abuse self-care is hard work for us folks. What comes so naturally for people who have had good enough parents may not come as natural to HSP’s who are learning to be grown ups and care for themselves.

Today on the actual full moon it feels like a celebration! A celebration of not hiding shame any longer. We cannot allow our past hurt to keep us from moving on with our lives. Gently move forward, no need to push and shove. Deep care is about being specific about what it is you need to feel loved, comforted, and present. This Cancer energy luckily for us is here to assist us in cleaning out older stale pain that needs some extra TLC. Love on your pain, don’t allow your pain to push you around and don’t resist the pain. This is how remain stuck. Instead, speak gently to your pain as though you were speaking to a 3 year old who comes to you crying.

On Caner days the air is moist and emotions may be heavy protect your lungs because you cancer rules the chest so take it easy on yourself. You may also feel extra creative. Singing, dancing and painting would be great to gently move through the energy. You may be in the feels  crying, singing, and laughing while cleaning the house. Cancer rules the home as well.  Today is great day to listen to sensuous emotional music that moves your soul. Cancer is private so you may not be in the mood to share this with anyone else. Its okay if its between you and the Goddess.

Some of us are being called to a higher level of commitment to erotic self love. Eroticism is about paying attention to subtle details. Isn’t sexy when your lover notices the quirks and then points them out. Or remembers something small that you mentioned and does it with ease out of love and care.  Be your own lover. What does it for you? What makes you feel sexy inside. You don’t have to wait for a particular person to draw a bath with petals, essential oils, a glass of wine, with candles, and lingerie. Self-pleasure can you bring a depth of emotions that allows for you to flow with more self-confidence, sincerity, and higher levels of emotionally charged energy that invites you to manifest your highest desires.

Ritual – Get in Touch with Deepest Desires | From Pain to Joy!

Be gentle with yourself my love. Be soft. Take care of your sensitivities and allow yourself to cry and have your emotions today. You can do a love ritual that will help transform any stuck energies up until the 7th. For this ritual it is all about your feelings. So I can’t tell you what flowers and essential to use. Use whatever you desire. But I am going to use Rose petals. If I could surround myself with dozen of roses I would. I need dimly lit atmosphere. Soft lighting. Candles are great. You may want to play some music. Definitely a basin of water either for a bath or to wash your hands in with the flowers/ essential oil/ herbs. I want you to feel your sadness, shame, and any other deep emotions that you have been holding on to for a long time and gently guide those emotions through music, lighting, soft touch, nakedness/lingerie. I want you to lift your spirits to higher heights and allow yourself to feel into your deepest desires. Inside your disappointments, hurts, regrets and let downs is your deepest desires. Inside your deepest sorrow is your joy! A lot of times our uncomfortable emotions feel left out in the cold. Like the child that never gets picked on to play on the play ground. If you can allow your darkness to dance, sing, and play you will transform your whole existence. Every part of you wants to be included in life, felt, heard, appreciated, and expressed.


Oracle Cards Drawn



Ace of Water from Vision Quest Tarot

Fertility | emotional overflowing | love | fulfillment | happiness | gratitude |connection to the very source of being

Inner Message:

The source of life is so juicy, it fertilizes everything. Since you are no longer intent on being paralyzed by fears of separation, you are ready to get in touch with the life-spring inside you.  Simply fall into the inner juicyness that wells up on its own accord, as you will notice from now on. Allow all feelings to arise and dissolve. No judging them! Feel them completely, without struggling to avoid or cling to them. Then there will be harmony within and without.

Outward manifestation:

Your feelings can flow much more freely now and consequently change your life-style. By openly showing what you feel, you ‘speak’ the magic words that open countless doors. To admit your true feelings is to permit the exchange of the love that everyone longs for. Your task is to keep the channels open so this nourishing energy can flow. Just as the chalice filled with life-juice will never be drained, a steady stream of loving power flows through you  – a never ending stream of vital energy.

Wedding – The Romance Angels Oracle Deck

Renew your hearts willingness to love. Whether you are in a relationship or not . . . Love.

New Moon in Sagittarius |Reflections and Adventures |A Tale of Two Hurricanes | My Journey Through the Caribbean

This year has sent a lot of us literally running for our lives. Fires, earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes. I personally experienced the latter. I was living in the Virgin Islands having the adventure of my 30’s. In my 20’s I ran away with my twin flame to Venice Beach to do a martial arts movie and sell art, I become a walking bohemian. It ended roughly, my ego was bruised and I went back home with tail between my legs. It created a new fire and spark in me to create my life on my own terms and never depend upon another to do anything, to go anywhere, or to have an adventure. I set out to create a Self that was autonomous and willing to go at life alone. In July I embarked on a bold and courageous journey to move to the islands as a single woman not knowing anyone and never having even visited first. I had my wits, my common sense, my strength, my guts, and my spirit guides. I learned to ask my Guardian Angels to Support me to choose everything in my life. With no other compass I had to rely on spirit intensely for the first time in my life. And they never steered my wrong and my faith grew to epic proportions. I even looked around and found myself . . . get this, Happy. Then something out of a horror flick crept itself into my still ignorant false sense of security. With just the announcement of a possible Hurricane Irma that would hit St. Thomas sent me into a fight, flight, or freeze mode. I was anxious, fearful, and dry crying because It wasn’t a certainty until it was a few hours away whether Irma was going to hit us directly. The island is tiny, at at only 32 square miles. After it hit and I was safe my security was still shaken. Nothing was the same and nothing would ever be. I was changed forever. I saw myself using a machete to get through the jungle that blocked our drive way and passage to the homes of my bunk mates that had completely demolished. My community that was already close knit became ever closer on the island with nightly pot luck dinners with conversations about looters coming into our ritzy community and how prepared everyone was to fight and even kill anyone coming to loot. I am a black woman that was surrounded by my Caucasian brothers and sisters and I felt like they were talking about killing my people. I felt so torn. Even more torn about whether or not I should stay. It became like Lord of the Flies, who was going to be sacrificed or who was willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the group. Was I going to stay and help on the long trek to rebuild the community or was I going to leave with the hopes that I could recover my online businesses, get peaceful sleep, take showers, have electricity, and not worry about food supply. I decided to leave and had to face some of my closes allies and friends looking at me as if I were betraying our pact of loyalty. So I headed to San Juan and less than a week had passed and I was faced with the same turmoil from Hurricane Maria, except, I knew no one beyond my Airbnb host and I only speak up to spanish III’s worth of spanish.  The shelter I was in was wet, and lots of glass windows and doors had been shattered, our diet consisted of ham & cheese sandwiches for breakfast and lunch and rice and spam at night. But, hey! I survived! I made onto a humanitarian flight that paid for my on-boarding and connection flights back to Atlanta. My initiation was just beginning.

I know for sure without a doubt that spirit is the most important, everything is a symbol in connection to spirit, it can and will all be swept away if ever mother-nature knows we need the lesson. Coming back to Atlanta I feel like a grateful princess warrior. Without a dime to my name just seeing green trees outside is a luxury. Hurricanes snap all trees in half, scalp every piece of green off of everything rooted into the ground, and even the sky heaves after the hurricane has left. My soul was aghast and I all I could do was be in awe of the Great Mother. That is how I plan to continue into 2018. Happy New Year!

Super Full Moon Gemini 12/3/2017: Full Moon Bath Ritual

The effect of the lively Gemini Super Full Moon are already tip toeing across my essence. I feel my vitality in my sexual essence and my physical energy is ready to take flight. Since the Scorpio New Moon we have all had our head down the last two weeks doing what we need to do in order to prepare to receive some the benefits of setting new intentions and working hard on the foundation. Although the work has just beginning it is time for some much needed pampering and self-appreciation, Goddess gratitude and me-time. There are many planetary transits happening that will not only effect us on a personal level but may effect us globally. It is important to have a fortitude of the strength that permeates past this physical realm. Keep surrendering to your True Self even in the hardest of times. We are making our courageous trek to the Golden Age, because we will have been tested and come out pure, tried, and true. In our lifetime we may not see the fruits of our labor but we will have passed down the genes to our offspring and things will continue to get better and better for us, for them, and beyond.

Water is an important element not to just quench our thirst but it stands for stability, fluidity, solidity, firmness, flexibility, and adaptability. Water like the moon is a conduit of awareness and every day life force on the earth. It takes many forms to help us heal. It is a mirror of our intentions and it is important to see the sacristy of water because we are looking into the mirror of our Soul.  This Ritual is from the book Women’s Power to Heal. Celebrate the Full Moon with a Goddess Bath.

The Practice: Full Moon Bath

Timing: On the full moon and for three days thereafter

Do Not Fulfill: Moon Cycle; bleeding; or during mourning

Ideal Time: Early Morning; early evening

Full Moon Herbs & Essential Oils:

Rose Petals, elderflowers, hops, lavender, lemon balm, lemon verbena, raspberry leaves, violet flowers, and passion flower. You can also substitute with season herbs such as thyme, parsley, sage, and mint. In the book she recommends to use only organic herbs and essential oils, do the best you can, its all about intention. If you don’t have a tea bolus to put your loose herbs in, don’t through away the roughage after your bath. Place them back into the earth or in your compost.

Sample Recipe

You could use a cotton handkerchief to place your herbs into.

1/2 palmful of rose petals

1/2 palmful of raspberry leaves

12 drops of lavender essential oil

Bath Instructions

Fill your bath with warm water. Drop your bolus and your essential oils into your bath. Allow it so sit for 5 minutes before offering up your prayers. While facing east or north scoop a palmful of water with your right hand and ritually wash both your hands with water, allowing some of the water to fall off your hands into the water. Take another palm full in your right hand and this time offer is to the Goddess and allow the water to drip from your finger tips into the water. Recite this mantra three times as you pour the water from your hand.

Om apah upa sprishya

Unto You, I sprinkle water

Do not perform this sankalpa, sacred intention, if you know you’ll be interrupted by your phone or your children. Once this offering has been completed, take your bath. It is important that you complete the bath without interruption once you have offered the water sacrament to the Goddess. The act of preparing your tub, ritual washing of the hands, offering of water tot he goddess, and finishing your bath must be done in one fluid and complete act for your offering to be received by the goddess and for her water blessings to be returned to you.

In recognizing the sanctity of water, you’ve bathing not only the physical body, but the mind, spirit, and ancestors as well. Strengthening your biological water element helps you to build stability and vitality of the body, mind and spirit.

The Ultimate Lie: Unworthiness

The ambient abuse of Narcissist runs deep. Their illness permeates the environment of their children, wives, housemates, co-workers, and everywhere else they are. Not to demonize them because I do believe that the Goddess can heal us all. And children especially learn through absorption of energy. The core of a narcissist energy is a belief in a lie. The lie is that’ I am not important(worthy).’ Because narcissist don’t look within they see within as without, the message they project is ‘you are not important.’ They enforce this belief  and drive into your system as if you are evil if you don’t give this exhausting belief you religious attention by the way they look at you, the subtle petty draining words they say under their breathe, and the complimenting you and public but putting you down in private.

The secret that you must always remember as you are healing from this illness that has infected all of us in some way shape or form is that you can never not be important. Every cell in your body and everything around is responding to you. You are drawing unto you everything you want, need, and desire, by the power of attention, intention, emotions, and actions. You are important to every cell within and without you. You are important to your higher Self. Your Selfs are your Cells. That is how we are all one! All of our Celfs are connected you can never not be important to every cell in your living body! Remember that hold on to it. No one can take that away from you.

The Journey of Fool: The Wise and Whimsical Path of Tarot through the Major Psychological Archetypes

8181174ad4c0d619018dc5a478066787I love the number 0. Its a completed circle within itself and sits in the middle of the number scale between all the positive and negative numbers. The thing I love about 0 the most is that it means you can do what you want. The thought of doing whatever I want sends a jolt of excitement up my spine. When we begin a journey (the Fool) there are automatic programs (archetypes) that are activated and then we realize that doing whatever we want is a bit more structured than we originally thought. First you have physical needs that must get met, that is a limitation that we as humans run into everyday. As we know everyone handles our collective limitations differently. There are as many different ways to handle our limitations as there are people on earth. The Magician and The High Priestess present this poor Fool with the tools he needs to start his journey because of course he didn’t know he needed tools. The universe blesses us immensely because isn’t it often that we don’t know what we are getting ourselves into when we ask for what we want. We unknowingly dive head first  into the energetic waters of our destiny.  So the universe goes here are your cups (emotions ,element water), swords(mental, element air), wands(actions, element fire), and pentacles (money, element earth). The Magician is a number 1 has the power and the tools to propel his life forward in the direction that he wants to go. He willing fight for what he wants. And the fool has the poor of the High Priestess  which is a number 2 has deep within the recesses of his consciousness that gives him the courage to listen to his inner self when faced with forks in the road. The High Priestess is able to examine the light and dark and with her wisdom and intuition see what is before her and how best to handle situations that arise.


The Empress is the number 3, creativity, The Emperor is the number 4, building foundations. The Empress teaches the Fool how to give birth to her creations. The Lady in this picture is pregnant with life and is sitting in the plushness of the earth on a wood throne, with her bare feet taking in the energy of the earth. There are rolling hills behind her that symbolize the expansiveness of nature. The baby in her belly is the great mystery of creation coming to life. A healthy baby needs a nourished and healthy mother. She is confident that her needs are met here and now and will be forever. The cornucopia of fruits gives her plenty of food to eat and she is the Archetype of Mother Nature. Abundance, Security, Giving Birth to Consciousness and New Life, ruling the veils of the seen and unseen, the cosmos mixed with the earth. The Emperor is a stern leader, that can be controlling at times and egotistical but this is needed in order to create something with foundation and the will stand the test of time. He will guard what is created by the Great Mother Nature. He is the boundaries of life and also the limitations. He knows how to get down to business, and sits on a stone throne high on a mountain. It is neither plush or comfortable because he doesn’t plan to sit long, he’s sitting to come up with the best plan, then he’s got work to do.


The hierophant is number five in the lovers is number 6. The hierophant is also known as the high priest. At this stage the fool is looking for more answers than just “trust the universe.” He is researching and studying nature in a more scientific way. He’s studying symbols that make up nature He wants know how to use them right. He ask why is this or that important? Why can I just do what I want? How do I use what I have learned in my life? Who is God? Why cant I see him? How does this entity  operate and exist with and inside of me?

He is coming in contact with the mysteries of life that know, As Above So Below. The Fool has some choices to make, which path is he going to follow which god or goddess is he going to trust. Or is the God within him? He decides that God is on his side and that life is a journey and knowledge doesn’t have an expiration date. He incorporates the high priest and the studious nature within himself. And then he gets the pleasure of running into a reflection of himself and puts some of the things that he’s learned from the hierophant into practice. Knowledge is only powerful when you can integrate what you know into the experience of your everyday life. How do we incorporate the experience of intimacy without goddess? How do we know for sure that what we have learned is worth anything? Reading and mental knowledge can possibly bring about a dogma that imprisons instead of freedom. Freedom comes after you know that you know that you know from experience, that is either wisdom from this life or past lives. Then you can work with the rules and break the rules because you have a relationship with the mother goddess.  And all relationships are built on trust and feelings. But how do we as humans practice integrating with the Mother? We practice with one another. That’s when the Lovers card comes into the play. You best believe that your soulmate is going to let you have it if you claim to be this knowledgeable person about spirituality and you don’t practice what you preach. They’re going to hold you accountable. In the picture of the lovers card the woman is focused on the higher power and the man is focused on the woman.  This represents the connection between the feminine energy. Women are more naturally inclined to hold a resting place and flow of energy between her the highest power. It is a natural inclination that has gotten passed down from ancient times. In order to expand and move masculine energy needs a connection to the feminine energy, one of the ways masculine energy makes a connection with feminine energy is to communicate through the heart chakra in relationship of love. A sacred union is created and the give and take between the masculine and feminine energy teaches the feminine bravery of movement and the man learns to trust in spirit. Any distrust in spirit you’ll feel alone in the world and disconnected from your very own nature. The Higher Power is why everything is here and secure. That is part of knowing the Lover. The Goddess is a computer and all her creatures are running on her loving programs. Humans were given freedom (5) of choice as whether or not they want to live in knowledge of this program. The Mother’s program runs on love and nourishment (6) for all of her beloved aspects of nature. We have choice as to whether we want to love ourselves, each other, and her other creatures or feel disconnected and have a hellish experience with the illusion that we are alone.

to be cont . . .