Inspiration Coaching / Boxes

Aya of Dawn offers Inspirational Coaching with the option to have a monthly subscription Box delivered to your home. This is for you if you need to make your dreams come true and you cant see the Light. The Goddess of Light removes all energy blocks and gives you the insight you need to move forward turning your biggest dreams into loving practical steps. You will receive Weekly Coaching in both subscriptions that includes a Tarot of Reading, reading of your astrological chart, Biorhythms chart, and  numerology personal day numbers. The Second option is the Inspiration Coaching and the Inspiration Box. In your care package you will receive soaps, lotions, oils, a journal, candle, meditations, and symbols that are personal to your goals, dreams, astrology, and has the energy, essential oils, and herbs infused that will keep you inspired, energetic, and passionate.

Weekly Inspiration Coaching

Aya of the Dawn Weekly Inspiration Coaching allows you to develop your highest dreams. The whispers you get from your intuition, turn into ideas, those ideas will become inspiration, and inspiration will roll over to glowing confidence. All blocks to your dreams will be removed including fear and resistance. You will recover lost self-esteem, energy, passion, confidence, will power, and inspiration. Inspiration coaching will turn your seemingly insurmountable life dreams into small calendar size practical steps. We will use the tools of your biorhythms, your birthchart, your numerology chart, the cycles of the moon to help you work with and for you along with your environmental energies to get and keep you moving upward towards your highest happiness.  This is includes a weekly tarot reading session along with the reading of your birthchart. I will email you a calendar with your biorhythms, personal day numbers, moon cycles and astrological ephemeris. $200 for the month. $60 dollars if you pay weekly. The sessions are 1 hour.


Weekly Inspiration Coach/Box

Aya of The Dawn offers personal one-on-one validating, intimate inspirational coaching. The Goddess of Light will lead you away from fearful existing into a courageous and adventurous thriving life. A nourished and nurtured soul has the physical, mental, and emotional stamina to make it all the way to the end of their goals. That is why along with your weekly coaching you will receive a monthly subscription with nourishing items made on the correct days on the altar of the Goddess of Light to help you stay focused, energized, and passionate. These items will be meaning infused, made in ritual with your name on the altar, with the specific energy, herbs, essential oils that are needed in your oils, soaps, and lotions. You will receive Tea Bags full of herbs to put into your bath or tonics. You will receive a dream journal that is made with your name, astrology symbols, and symbols that represents you.  A calendar with your biorhythms, personal day numbers, moon phases, and astrological ephemeris. You will also receive an unscented candle and a weekly 1 hour one on one coaching and tarot session. This is retail Value of $400+ a month. I am charging $280 a month with an option to pay weekly $80


Goddess of Light

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