Herbs and Flowers

Pink Camellia Flower

Your World is An Oracle . . . Nature is magical . . . if you look around in your back yard the plants are not growing for no reason at all. They growing just for you. . .
Edible Healing Flowers: Pink Camellia
Allow your spirit guides to take you on a healing journey. Pink Camellia Flowers gently heals trauma especially trauma that has to do with

  • not being loved by your mother as a child
  • stress and anxiety that has to do with major changes like moving, divorcing, trauma or
  • separation of any kind
  • emotional black mail
  • for people who are terribly lonely, and ect . . .
  • help you get in touch with your femininty
  • gentleness


My intuition told me to steep the the petals in hot water. My experience was very gentle. It was as if I was hallucinating and different parts of me were calm enough to join forces, talk to each other, make some agreements, and move my energy into the most proper channels. I understand why I was guided to steep it in a tea. I begin to eat the second flower and that was over kill on my stomach. It worked very gently together with my mind, body, and soul perfectly steeped in a tea.

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