Crystals and Gem Stones



Intuitive Message: Have an adventure.  Live out loud! What is your wildest adventure? Doesn’t it make you feel sorrow that you are not living out loud? What are the most sorrowful about? Let out your sorrow. It supports you in releasing your sorrow. What is stopping you from having a great adventure? It goes straight in towards my wildest dreams and I can see and feel myself having the time of my life. It goes straight in towards my sorrows in areas that I can feel myself not allowing myself to have my great adventure.

The quartz is androgynous. Washes over the third eye and crown chakra like a clear drink of water.  Implants a happy form inside of the psychic place in the head.

Releasing deep sorrow is easier and all most automatic.  It shows you you living out loud, with excitement in color. A clear pathway without obstacles. Removes petty obstacles.

BixBite (Red Beryl)


Intuitive Message:

Works on your lower chakra’s in the family of a ruby. Sexual creative energy. Also highly romantic. A happy romantic, deep love. Helps with connecting to what makes life loving, passionate and soulful. Flirty with life. Gentle and listening. Works on the heart chakra as well. Bring joy back into your life. This would help you to believe in love again if you had trust issues.

Works with stuck energy. Gives an easy passage way for energy to move through stuck areas in the lower back because it makes you feel vitality in a non-threatening way. Its very earthy and inviting. Invites you to be playful, youthful, puts a smile on your face. Great to attract love. Get you out of a rut.

To Be Cont . . .

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