Aya’s Spiritual Counseling

Aya’s spriitual counseling services are for initiates who are committed to their healing process and are awakening at such a rapid pace they are overwhelmed by the emotional, psychology, spiritual, and physical symptoms. Aya specializes in assisting those who have experienced childhood trauma and have C-PTSD from the stress. Symptoms may include lack of boundaries in relationships, over-work, apathy, addictions, controlling, numb emotions, lack of sleep, depression, being a doormat, adrenal fatigue, and ect . . . The inner work starts with whatever is giving you the most challenges at the moment. A lot of the time the healing process is activated during a season of great loss, that could be the loss of a lover, friend, job, family member, or health. Life changes that include re-location, birth of a child, new awareness of spiritual gifts can assist in the beginning of a great awakening!

Awakening can bring anguish that cannot be cured by traditional modalities because you are dealing with your Higher Self attempting to integrate with your Lower-Self. So, your lower self is in need of emergence assistance to rise in frequency.

Aya is an initiated High Priestess equipped to to be your Spiritual Mid-wife. During her 10 year initiation process she has learned many sciences to help you give birth to your True Self. These modalities include trauma healing, astrology, tarot, reiki, reflexology, crystal healing, ancestor healing, and herbal alchemy.

A Spiritual Counseling Session starts with an assessment of your energy. Guidance will be given as to where it would be best to start. Multiple modalities will be used in a session. In this space with you Aya makes sure that you feel balanced and uplifted before you leave back out into the world. The first session is $170 for 120 minutes. Then after that base price is $85 for 60 minutes.

Peace to You!


Natal Charts could be used in a Spriitual Counseling sessions to assist you in getting to know your past lives, present and future.


Reiki Healing is used in a Spritual Counseling Session to balance your energy, relieve stress, and read energy.


Divination is a great matrix hack to get direct advice from your Ancestors, Spirit Guides and Higher Self as to your highest and best good.

First Spiritual Counseling Session

This is an Assessment session or for anyone who needs extra care and is in crisis mode. In the first session most of the time the energy is in crisis and needs extra care. The session will last 90 minutes (or more). Comes with contact with your Spirit Guides/ Ancestors, Herbal Blends and Protection / Good luck Spray.


Spiritual Counseling Session

Spiritual Counseling includes healing using multiple modalities. After the first session you will be set to having regular 60 minute sessions.