Aya’s Astrology

I provide Astrology readings that are face to face or over the phone/skype and these readings are interactive. I also provide written and audio recorded chart interpretations that take 3-4 weeks to research, write out or record.



60 Minute Astrology Reading

60 minute Astrological reading for love, career, life pupose, health, spirituality, past lives and predictions. This reading is face to face and can be ordered same day. We may or may not be able to cover many subjects in 1 60 minute session. So I would suggest a longer reading if you want to go in depth on more than two subjects. 90 minutes for $110. Use the donation button to pay for a 90 minute reading. I will need your birthday, birth time, birth place, and full name. Leave me a message in the contact with the this information and if you paid for a longer than 60 minute reading because when you use the donation tab I do not get a notification.



Couples Synastry & Composite Chart Reading

This is a two hour Astrology Session for couples that compares (Synastry) and also meshes together (Composite) the energy of partners. It does not have to be a love relationship it can be a business partner, family relations, or friendship. This reading will help you see the strengths, purpose, compatibility, sexual styles, potential challenges, and soul connection of the partners. This reading is in person, face-time or phone


Natal Chart Interpretation

Peering into the your natal chart will give you deeper self-knowledge, understanding will lead to higher levels of awareness and transcendence of  inconveniences, discomfort, and on-going challenges that may be experienced because of lack of awareness.

For In depth readings I interpret your chart fully in the areas that are most concerning to you and each aspect. It takes me 1-4 weeks depending upon demand and type of chart you choose and you real receive a vocal recording of me interpreting your full chart or full written report.



12th /Pisces/ Neptune Astrology Reading (Blockages to your Highest Dreams)

Letting go of self-judgement and moving into your highest dreams is the goal of everyone on the planet. I can give you a reading describing your blind spots, aspects, healing process, and what needs to be surrendered to in the 12th house. When the 12th house isn’t brought to the conscious mind it tends to take over your whole life. This reading will include the planets in your 12th house and all aspects. The reading will be done in an audio. Please contact me and send me a message with your birth day, place of birth, and time of birth.



Evolutionary Astrology Reading

Evolutionary reading describe your spiritual evolutionary process of your soul life describing your childhood wounds and your healing process. The reading will also include past life explanations. With all of the planets aspects involved you will get a clear picture through the houses, planets and aspects about you and your family, love life, finances, and emotions. Focusing on your evolution through your astrology chart will explain and show you how to overcome your challenges and teach you that you are not bound by the stars and you are free to move on whenever you are ready to surrender to spirit and let go. The reading will include all aspects to the Sun, Moon, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, North Node, . The reading will be given to you in audio file form sent to your email.



Life Purpose & Career Astrology Reading

This astrology reading could assist you in understanding your career and life purpose according to your star placements. Your life purpose will give your career its flavor. Say your life purpose is to help people awaken to who they are, whatever career path you choose you will inspire people to awaken, if you are a writer your work will be inspirational, if you are an architect your buildings will inspire, if you shine shoes it will inspire people to heal themselves to awaken to who they are. Living your life purpose takes surrender, incorporating your career into your life purpose is part of self-mastery. The planets I will be reading and aspecting are Sun, Neptune, Saturn, North Node, and South Node. I will give you an in depth reading of your 10th house (midheaven) and the house where Capricorn resides in your birth if its not the same as your birth chart.